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Soundbooth CS3 – have you checked out Resource Central yet?

Well I gave it a whirl and I have to say, I really like it. More importantly, I can see things that Adobe can or will do with it in the future. What is it? Read on…

Essentially, Resource Central (v1.0 if you will) provides users of Soundbooth a chance to download new Soundbooth scores, sound effects (SFX) or news.

Accessing Resource Central is easy, but it is not opened by default, so you need to reveal it.

Resource Central 1.jpg

Once there you can see scores that are available for preview and purchase with several different categories.

Resource Music.jpg

In addition to the music, there is a start on providing sound effects. Audio team take note – I want whooshes!

Resource SFX.jpg

So, what can Adobe do with it? Lots…and it’s all good for our users. An example? Sorry, I can’t without getting myself in hot water. You didn’t know I was a tease did you?

So, as I have started to experiment and peruse, I am encouraging you to do the same. Tell me what you think about the content and if you’d use it.


I have clicked on Window, Resource Central and the icon just spins. What would the problem be?

[DR – probably you’re not connected to the internet, or your browser is blocking the IP address.]

I am trying resource central but i cant hear any of the scores i can hear the SFX and i cant seem to download anyof them.

[DR – you should be able to do both. I would go to Adobe’s forums for getting some help on resolving what your issue is. One thing you could try is to clear the preferences.]

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