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The Power of the Sun…

As I mentioned recently, I’m trying to put together some new tutorials and one of them, Strange Planets, is proving to be rather large and so, I want to break it down a bit more by starting at the center: the center of our solar system that is…

Sun pic.jpg

Check out the movie and be sure to download the project files and PDF instructions.  It is another example of how you can create compelling content without knowing too much about After Effects.  One recommendation on this one: I’d print up and walk thru the directions with the existing composition, and then go back and recreate it from scratch yourself.  Unfortunately, I can tend to be a bit wordy in my effort to make this super easy.  Let me know your comments and suggestions as always!

The Power of the Sun download


I tried to download this to my iPod touch and it just said “download failed safari cannot download this file” and to me this has happened to a lot of things that I’ve tried to download like flash player and other adobe downloads. I think that sun should be compadable will the iPhone and iPod touch.

[DR – Sorry, the iphone doesn’t play with After Effects project files…;-) ]

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