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Cereal Boxes – it’s how a twisted mind thinks

If that title does grab your attention, I don’t know what will! Realize that I see New York newspapers that are trying for oneupmanship on each other with crazy headlines, which means you’re likely to get the same from me – sorry…

Anyway, what am I talking about?  Well, when you start working at Adobe, you start to look at everything a little bit differently and consequently, you start to look and see things in a different way than the rest of society. Case in point, my eleven year old daughter said that I’m always commenting on the design ideals of the commercial/film/tv show rather than just watching them.  It drives the rest of my family crazy!

So, in looking at a box of snacks, I looked at the logo and said, "Cool, I bet I can do that!"  So here you go…


To be honest, most of this kind of work is done in Illustrator because it’s vector based graphics as opposed to Photoshop.  However, it still achieves the same look and that’s what we’re going after.  Additionally, there are a couple of ways to go about this, but hopefully I presented one that is easy to do.  Below are a PDF and sample file for you to reconstruct/deconstruct. 

As always, get back to me with comments. If you couldn’t follow along on the directions, please tell me!  Otherwise, I’m wasting your time and mine.  Cheers!

Cereal Box Files



I still can’t open the sample file in PS CS3..it’s telling me it is not the right tyoe of document…can you change the extension?
p.s. thanks for responding about a yer old tutorial!

[DR – I’ve emailed you under separate cover and hope that you’re all set.]


Have already used “rip up my text” in my media arts class.

PS cs3 won’t open your cereal box indd file.

Your tutorials are a bit more challenging, because the instructions are not too detailed.

I’m a step ahead of the students!!

Thanks, Jane

[DR – Hey Jane thanks for taking the time to comment. I really try to not assume anything when writing up the tutorials but I’m sure there are still things that I take for granted that might be new to you. I guess you should just know that a) thanks for letting me know you’re using ’em and b) I’ll always remember to keep it pretty simple and explain as much as possible!]

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