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Photoshop World coming up

If you’re into Photoshop (and from my perspective, who isn’t?), then you should consider going some time to a Photoshop World.  It’s a show for Photoshop freaks and geeks and I’ll say it’s a lot of fun.  The one coming up is in Las Vegas and happens from 9/6-8.  If that’s a bit far for you, they usually have one on the East Coast every year as well. 

As a person who likes to play with Photoshop, I still walk away amazed at some of the stuff I learn each time I go.  I’ll be there again this year (working) and hopefully will get to meet a few of you.

Photoshop World

Tip – If you’re looking for a way to find out about new Adobe blog content, but find putting the RSS feed in your bookmarks a bit clumsy (it is SO 2006 😉 then take a look at iGoogle as a home page.  Essentially, you can put up whatever kind of information you want, organize it, etc. It’s really nice, fast and easy.  I’ve got my Adobe tab on iGoogle, how about you?

Personal note – I’m in Vegas now and hope to spend a day trying desperately to take some good photos of Zion National Park.  It’s near the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, so you probably already have an idea of the possibilities for pictures…Wish me luck as a hobbyist photographer – I don’t want to show the Photoshop World people totally lame pictures!


You will want to be as far up the canyon as you can when the sun tops over the ridge. The colors that time of morning are so rich they make your teeth hurt. It is a little harder to get there now that they have cut off car traffic but a bicycle is great that time of morning. Zion is one of the truly great wonders. Enjoy.

[DR – I’m going to arrive in the middle of the day and get the lay of the land and then hopefully find a good spot for sundown. Then, get up before dawn and get to a good spot to catch sunrise and morning photos. Am just a photographer-wannabee but hope to have a bunch of fun anyway. BTW – they have shuttles that run every 10 minutes, so getting around hopefully won’t be a big problem. Thanks for the comment.]

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