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Ramblings, links and a surprise

If I were a betting man (and I’m not, just ask Las Vegas), my guess would be that you’re only considering clicking on the link because of the surprise part of the title? Hmm? True, huh?  That’s okay, because I’m right there with you.  That being said, there’s a bit more inside than just a surprise (for me anyway) but you’ll have to click on through to get there…

In general, my blog has been about beginner tips, tricks, etc for various Adobe products.  I’ve stayed away from making this blog personal.  However, I do relax those rules once in a while to a) give some comedic relief even if it is rather lame, b) to give some insight into who I am (that’s also why blogs are so popular) and c) it gives me a chance to post again. 

The last point brings up another.  I’ve really enjoyed doing this blog and putting up simple little bits that people might download and go, "oh, I get that," or "ahh, so that’s how that is done!"  However, it gotten tough to keep up with it and I have something like six tutorials half done. One big one of a solar system fly through is waiting for me to write up a PDF, but it’s just so busy, that I haven’t had time.  So, on a personal note, I confess my ineptitude or laziness, whichever you prefer.

Hello Portland! I will be visiting on Saturday, August 18th and hope to meet any who are interested in attending.  It’s a special event from MacForce I’ll be doing a presentation on Production Premium CS3, and my wonderful coworker Lisa Forrester will be doing the same on the Design side.

Latest eSeminar is now posted online for on demand consumption.  If you’re interested in taking about 60 minutes and get an overview on what Adobe Production Premium CS3 is about, check out my latest eSeminar: Production Premium CS3 presentation  Right now, the link is right there on the top, so go get it…

Photographer wannabe? Me too!  And if you are, I’m scanning through a great little book that is general in focus, less technical than most and full of nuggets…meaning useful tips in one page chunks.  Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography book.  Scott’s a terrific writer and personality amongst the Photoshop crowd and he communicates in a way that is very personal/funny and yet informative.  Here’s a link from Amazon as a starting point…The Digital Photography Book

On the personal side, I’m needing an extra cup of coffee today because I stayed up late to watch Tom Glavine get his 300th win.  Yup, there’s a personal tidbit for you – baseball is my disease, but I can think of a lot of things worse to get caught up in. Glavine’s 300th win

Now, the surprise.  At least it was for me.  When you visit the Apple Store (as I’ve had to with my ailing MacBook Pro), you go into The Apple Zone. Or, "The world according to Apple/Steve"  Imagine my surprise when stumbling around the Internet this morning, I see an old story about the iPhone displays actually running Windows XP????  Have the heavens come down, is the world about to end? 


“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

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