Want to produce a broadcast look but hate timelines?

Visual Communicator 3 is finally available and it is a great tool for those of us that want to create compelling videos without having to noodle on a timeline like Premiere Pro.

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Production Premium + Artbeats offer

A quick hit here for you.  If you’ve been considering Production Premium CS3, we’ve sweetened the pot for a limited time, by working together with Artbeats to include some of their top royalty free video stock footage.  Check out the store and of course the Artbeats website.

USA Store at

Adobe/Artbeats offer


Dean Velez’s latest – more great AEPs for download

Dean, perhaps more than any other designer out there, is the guy I wish I was – talent oozes out of his pores. I look at his latest work and understand how he does it (after all, he taught me some of his tricks when I was learning After Effects), but I just don’t have his creative skills. 

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MacDrive 7 – making Macs and PC’s friends again

As an Adobe guy who runs around the country with laptops, drives, etc. and needs to be prepared to demo Mac or PC at a moment’s notice, having access to hard drives regardless of their format or OS preference is paramount.

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AENY – Brian Maffitt at 9/27 meeting

The man, the myth, the legend, the man whose name is easier to mispell than my own!  Yes, that’s right Brian Maffitt will be at the next After Effects New York meeting.  Brian use to run a NY area group many years ago before Total Training took over the bulk of his time. 

Regardless of your experience with After Effects, you’ll want to see Brian present – he’s a whiz and I’ve never seen him and not be excited about some tip or trick that I’ve picked up from him.  AENY meetings happen at Pratt Institute on 14th street.

AENY Meetings page

BTW – looking at the list of prizes to give away….lots of ’em…

Photo touchup 101 tutorial

This has been done a thousand times and probably better than I have done.  Nevertheless, I’ve included a PDF for you to download in order to get some of the basics for making good portrait pictures great by using a couple of simple techniques.  When you’ve gone through this, do a search for ‘photo touchup tutorials’ and see what you get.

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MAX in Chicago

If you’re involved with Flash design or programming..or Adobe Media Player..or Adobe integrated Runtime (AIR)..or…you get the idea…you’ll want to be there.  So take the time to look at the events, seminars, parties, etc that will be happening at MAX this year.

Adobe MAX

NBC tries free online videos

A couple of weeks ago, NBC and Apple chose to part ways on delivering NBC content over iTunes. My blog post on it, NBC-The first of many sparked a few lively comments and the story continued to develop as the week went on…

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Ready, Photoshop, Actions!

Photoshop can be intimidating in the sense that there is so much to discover that often times, you don’t know where to look.  Actions are a great way to automate certain tasks.

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Neat technology… pass it on!

Let’s be honest here – we all love technology.  It’s one of the reasons that I love working at Adobe: you get to see a lot of fantastic things happening inside and outside of the company. 

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