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Dean Velez’s latest – more great AEPs for download

Dean, perhaps more than any other designer out there, is the guy I wish I was – talent oozes out of his pores. I look at his latest work and understand how he does it (after all, he taught me some of his tricks when I was learning After Effects), but I just don’t have his creative skills. 

BUT, I can learn some of this realworld creative design by going through his free tutorials.  If you like what you see and you’ve got the time, $199 for all of his CDs is money well spent in my opinion.  So, in my semi-regular tip of the hat, check out Dean’s stuff at his website:


And under the topic of ‘as the Apple turns,’ here’s a link on the iPhone from the NY times on Steve Jobs, blocking hackers and the like. The most salient line for me in the story is writer’s comment about the lack of Flash (and Java) as programmable environments in the iPhone. Apple likely has to fight the hackers long enough for his AT&T contract to expire and then he’ll trumpet the ‘open iPhone’. You heard it here first….or maybe not. 😉

NY Times on Apple iPhone


Many thanks for the links. Very Interesting article and usefully informations.

Greetz from Germany, Werbeagentur

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