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Fall Video E-Seminars

"Get ’em while they’re hot!"  Sign up is a straightforward process and hope to see you at several of them.  Of course, we will record them and post them online for future on demand access.

Fall Video E-Seminars – Sign up here


I agree – all this logging in stuff has become too much. Why so you need to know who I am ad what I am watching. You could track usage another way. Dv.com, computerarts etc have done away with it and so should adobe. I just won’t bother watching them as I dont want the hassel of setting up a dummy gmail account and creating a dummy adobe user name etc.

[DR – Well, I understand your point of view. However, I will point out that Adobe goes out of our way to not contact you via email lists with offers, etc… unless you want to. Sometimes as a salesperson, I wish we weren’t so concerned, but at the same time, I do appreciate our commitment to your best interests. The privacy policy is worth a glance and it can be found here:

Any chance these ‘go to them’ telecasts could become video podcasts that would come to us? Keeping track of where to go and what to watch is a hassle. It’s much better when they simply pop up in iTunes.

You already have the excellent “Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast.” Why not create other categories of podcasts, perhaps one for each application? Adobe is creating excellent material. They simply need to make it easy to get and watch.

[DR – Mike, that’s a terrific idea and one that I will definitely pass on. Thanks for the suggestion!]

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