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MacDrive 7 – making Macs and PC’s friends again

As an Adobe guy who runs around the country with laptops, drives, etc. and needs to be prepared to demo Mac or PC at a moment’s notice, having access to hard drives regardless of their format or OS preference is paramount.

So, with the idea of passing on some of what I encounter and use, I’d like to mention that I use Media Four’s MacDrive 7 nearly every day.  It allows me to access my Mac volumes when I’m running in PC mode.  Specifcally, I use it when I’ve used Apple’s bootcamp to turn my Mac into a PC. 

It works just as it’s supposed to which is why I like it so much.  It just works…obvious but important nonetheless.  Now if only we could get Apple to have OS X recognize NTFS drives and I would be all set…sigh…

MacDrive by Mediafour

While we’re on the subject of bootcamp, I tip my hat to fellow Adobe person Colin Smith for pointing out that ATI has published Mac drivers for bootcamp users.  Finally, I can control my screen settings and a projector at the same time!!!!

ATI Catalyst Drivers


I am interested in changing from pc to mac and if this is the case, it will make the transition a whole lot easier. For quite a while I will be using both systems and any added compatibility would be great.

I just uninstalled ntfs-3g and installed the purshased version of the Paragon Software NTFS package and all I can tell you is… it’s sooooo worth it! It is so much faster than ntfs-3g that there is really no comparison. If you work with dual drives at all it’s a must have.

[DR – I’ve asked Paragon for a copy and if I get it, I’ll likely do a quick review on it and post on this blog. It looks good and hopefully it will deliver on the promises. Thanks for the comments.]

I was just notified that the final version, now branded as NTFS for Mac OS X, has been released: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/ntfs-mac/

I have summarized all the alternatives in a little guide:


[DR – thanks for the information.]

Paragon Software, who makes a bunch of PC disk management software, also has a public beta of NTFS-Mac, an application that will work like MacDrive does for PCs.

Here’s the link to the sign-up page: http://ntfs-mac.com/

Although they’re at Beta 3, stick to Beta 2.

[DR – Thanks Tim. The website only allows you to download beta 3….People, don’t forget to visit the Cow – great online resource for all types of creative applications…Go there!]

Hi Dennis,

you may want to check out nts-3g at http://www.ntfs-3g.org/
The have a MacOs distribution, too and its released as stable.
In my experience (on Linux) it’s as stable as it gets.
We’ve used the linux version to successfully copy and recover ntfs partitions (using another ntfs partition as the backup medium) without problems.


[DR – thanks for the tip Mike]

Mac OS X does recognize NTFS drives….

Of course, the HFS+ spec is documented and the source for Mac OS X’s implementation is available to all. NTFS is a closed blackbox.

[DR – First off, love your products. I used to use Shape Shifter for a while and had a blast with it.

As for Mac’s inability to not WRITE to my bootcamp volume, I put the fault squarely on Apple’s shoulders. It’s their responsibility and they should do it, regardless of whether NTFS is a ‘black box’. That’s my two cents and I think many others agree. Hopefully we’ll see something for that soon.]

Are you aware of MacFUSE ?

[DR – I am now, thanks.]

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