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YouTube and Adobe together with Remixer

If you use YouTube, you may want to try their new Remixer product…

The product is entirely Flash driven and the technology and approach is similar to our Premiere Elements product.  The product internally is called Premiere Express and there are other companies such as Facebook and MTV that are also using it.

YouTube Remixer (by Adobe)




Whats up

[DR – Alex, the link has expired.]

um by the way whered can i actually edit music videos in youtube remixer…………..?need a urgent detail for it i,ve been keeping on researching………………..but thetre,s no editing resultz

[DR – it’s discontinued now…]

For some reason whenever i click on any other link than here it takes me to ytremixer’s youtube acount.When i click on this link it just says http cannot be found. Please help, this happened on my father’s laptop too.

[DR – I’ll have to check into it. They may have ended their program or moved it over somewhere else.]

Have always the same problem: can’t connect to the editing server.
witch port I have to enable on my firewall to authorize this connection, or is it something else as java update and so on.
Thanks in advance for your reponse

[DR – I’m not sure, but I would imagine it is a combination of Flex (flash programming) and Javascript. If you have one of these disabled, then I would surmise that it wouldn’t work.]

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