Upcoming NY area events

If you’re in and around the NY city area, I’ll be presenting Adobe Production Premium at the following dates:

11/12 – at TekServe.  They are on 23rd street and a hard core Mac place.  Guess what platform I’ll be demoing on? ;-) Adobe will be there with BlackMagic Design, so a great lineup for the night

11/27 – at B&H. Partnering again with BlackMagic.

12/6 – at B&H.  This one will be with Matrox and their RT.X2 and Axio platforms. 

All of the above will have at least two seminar times.  I’ll try to post back here again and give you more information.

Tracking 101 in After Effects tutorial

Tracking is the process where you collect data on a particular point in video footage and then apply it to something else. Sounds boring, right?  I’m with you, but it is an essential tool for a variety of effects and looks that you see quite often. In this tutorial, you can get the basics on how to use After Effect’s internal tracking tool.

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Apple Leopard and Adobe products

So with the weekend after Leopard ships, it’s halloween and I’m sure we’ll hear the isolated scary Leopard story with some application from somebody going horribly wrong.

I don’t expect it to be Adobe that has these stories…I haven’t been the first, nor will I be the last to post on Apple’s Leopard.  And just to be clear: I haven’t gotten it yet or installed it. 

Adobe has posted a Leopard Compatibility link right on the home page so navigate to the Adobe site and get it.  Or, if the idea of immediacy appeals to you then you can download it here.

Adobe Leopard Support

The quick version is that Adobe has been testing Leopard for some time and feel confident about our overall compatibility with Apple’s new OS. However, we have identified a few issues that we plan to patch in a release slated for December.

Photoshop 101 Tutorial: Liquify

So I thought about Halloween some more and couldn’t resist doing a quick demo on how to ruin your face, or should I say, ruin my own face… Click on Read more if you’d like to view an online tutorial.

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Hey it’s Halloween, so…

Got be straightforward here and say that I’m not a fan of Halloween.  I mean with a blog called the Genesis Project? ;-)  Or my 4 kids and too much candy?  Ugh…sugar highs and sugar crashes!

However, it being close to Halloween, what better time to mention a tutorial by Andrew Kramer, appropriately titled, "Demon Face Warp." This terrific tutorial will teach you a bunch about masks, tracking, liquify and a whole bunch more and it will make your friends look at you strange because you’ll shoot the video of yourself (I admit, I’m tempted too!)

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I like Mocha

Like any New York sports writer, I can’t resist a cute title in the hopes of making the back page. So no, I’m not talking about Starbucks and their latest confection…Rather, I’m talking about a great planar tracking system called Mocha AE from Imagineer Systems.

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Premiere Pro 3.1 is here

Premiere Pro 3.1 which is a FREE update provides editors with Panasonics DV25, DV50 and DV100 – also known as DVC Pro HD. Checking out the Adobe forums indicates that the response so far has been very good and we hope that you’ll be happy too.  Simply go under Premiere Pro’s help menu and select Updates – it should sense it and download it for you.


My text is ‘disturbed’

As I run around the country, I’ve come across some requests on how to do things.  One of these is how to distort, age, weather, rip up text. Before I head out on the road again today, I made a quick tutorial recording for you to view.  It involves Photoshop and Premiere Pro.


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More Free AE Plugin goodness

I spent a little time this morning collecting a couple of links for some more AE plugins.  I found my favorite one again and will test it with CS3.  This plugin is called AEFlame and it provides some interesting fractals that are somewhat like frames.

Anyway, the links are pages from other websites collected by Steven Gotz, a longtime Adobe user and I believe is also on the Creative Cow forums.

Steve Gotz AE links page

John Nack also posted on PSD and AE work and one of his comments had a destination page as well which I’ll post here:

Scripts and AE Links

One more to complete the trifecta of free…

The Plugin Site – AE Free

Updated: Oops – forgot to mention Toolfarm’s Plugin Finder

Plugin Finder

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts Tutorial

I could be accused of a ‘me too’ approach on this, but after seeing Michael Coleman’s excellent tutorials from his blog Keyframes: After Effects and Flash Tutorial I had to give the recording style he did a try. So, now we have this tutorial/test on Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts.


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