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Adobe Elements titles hit the streets

The new packages are at your favorite CE store and they’re sporting a new look. Chances are, most people who subscribe or read Adobe blogs with regularity aren’t using these products, but I adjure you (ooh fancy word) – give them a look!

Why?  Well, personally, I think that these two products are taking UI ideas that the professional applications may start to adopt (albeit differently).  Also, if you are a professional, you’re the person in the family that is labeled "The geek" or "the family computer technician." Your family, friends and social network are coming to you and saying, "How can I do what you do, but on a budget and more simply?" Well, now you have your answer.  Wander on over to the links below and take a look at the screen shots – I like ’em…

Photoshop Elements 6 for Windows

Premiere Elements Page


good thins

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