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After Effects 101 E-Seminar on October 4th

One of the most popular E-Seminars I’ve done so far was the After Effects 101 seminar which I did twice within the last year.  They were a lot of fun to do and the people who came had a lot of great questions.  It’s now available as an onDemand seminar if you’re interested…It’s tough to navigate directly to it, but you can find it here: After Effects onDemand content

It turns out that there are a lot of people who want to learn After Effects or learn more about it.

I’m trying to continue this thought and do another After Effects 101, but take it a bit further…perhaps an After Effects 102 seminar.

My goal is to g’et you excited about After Effects, or if you already are, perhaps teach you a couple of things about it. During this E-Seminar, we will create a generic title open that could be used as a slate, a ‘coming up next’ network ID, whatever.  The concepts are easy, the design is basic but compelling (that means not too corny) .  After all, I maintain that After Effects is easy, you just have to get a few of the basics under your belt.

So, take a look at the link below.  If After Effects isn’t your thing, there are a bunch of video-centric E-seminars also on the page that are definitely worth a look.

Register for Adobe Video E-Seminars

Hope to see you there!



hi, This is Bharat Regmi from Nepal.I am a editor ,Copositer and animator.I did a lot of Nepali videos and advertise.
I like to join in this seminar.So i hope you Help me.Ok by

[DR – The seminar has come and gone unfortunately. You might be able to get it on Adobe’s event site. Go to the on Demand section and see if it still up there.]

good luck, I wish I could attend.

[DR – the good news is that these eseminars generally are recorded and available on demand at a later date.]

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