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After Effects 101: Tutorial Content

Today’s E-Seminar is/was a blast and as promised, here is the tutorial for you to download.  While you are here, take the time to bookmark me, or subscribe to Adobe blogs…there’s a ton of good information to be had here. Read on to download the tutorial file.

Included in this little download is the project file for After Effects CS3 and a PDF with the rather brief notes I wrote in order to recreate it for you in the E-Seminar.  Enjoy!

Download E-Seminar Files


Loved your E-Seminar it was a learning experience for me

Id like to know if theres a tutorial for making Motion backgrounds that are Seemless for possible Vista Dreamscenes(one that loops without you noticing where the Beginning and end are) for instance this one I had to fade it in and out which works but not what id like to do


of course having to downsize and upload to youtube took all the detail out of the Green Background

[DR – Yes, there is a way to make the one you have posted looping. I passed over it rather quickly in the e_seminar, but all you have to do is open up the evolution options in the Fractal Noise plugin and turn on ‘Cycle Evolution.’ This makes the the background looping + 1 frame. Render it out, bring it into your NLE and drop it on the timeline and trim one frame.

Thanks for showing up!]

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