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Apple Leopard and Adobe products

So with the weekend after Leopard ships, it’s halloween and I’m sure we’ll hear the isolated scary Leopard story with some application from somebody going horribly wrong.

I don’t expect it to be Adobe that has these stories…I haven’t been the first, nor will I be the last to post on Apple’s Leopard.  And just to be clear: I haven’t gotten it yet or installed it. 

Adobe has posted a Leopard Compatibility link right on the home page so navigate to the Adobe site and get it.  Or, if the idea of immediacy appeals to you then you can download it here.

Adobe Leopard Support

The quick version is that Adobe has been testing Leopard for some time and feel confident about our overall compatibility with Apple’s new OS. However, we have identified a few issues that we plan to patch in a release slated for December.


I installed Leopard on my Mac earlier today (Clean Install) and began loading my programs. The first program I tried, Photoshop, would not load and I got a message that “You can’t open the application “Install Adobe Photoshop 6.0 beause the Classic environment is no longer supported.

What on earth does that mean and why can’t I use Photoshop with this version of Mac OS? Also, what is the latest version of Photoshop for the Mac?


[DR – Mike, you didn’t mention which version of Photoshop you had, but your message would indicate that it is several versions old. If so, you might consider looking at an upgrade as Leopard does change several things.

The latest version of Photoshop is CS3 or version 10 if you prefer. You can find out about Leopard compatibility at the photoshop support page. Right at the top is a PDF for Leopard compatibilty


Hope this helps]

Do you know where these issues are published?

I found it unhelpful that the FAQ didn’t list the issues that CS3 apps have with Leopard. It said to search the Support KB, which I did, but I still couldn’t find anything.

[DR – I agree to a point. I think the purpose of the document is to paint a broad overview of our current and intended compatibility with Leopard. From what I’ve gathered so far, our compatibility is good out of the gate, but we’ve identified some issues that we want to address. More specific than that, I don’t know at present. However, as we get more information, we’ll certainly try to communicate it to you.]

Can’t wait to get my copy of leopard 🙂

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