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Free After Effects plugins

If you’re like me, you love the word ‘free.’ Free is a beautiful word, one full of promise and excitement and hey, it feels good on the pocket too…

Today’s tasty free plugin is from Digital Anarchy and their PlasmaFX plugin. They will give you 7 free plugins from the PlasmaFX suite if you take the time to register. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Find out more here – Digital Anarchy PlasmaFX registration

Also, don’t forget about the free screensavers from Adobe Bridge.  Here’s an old post from me on it: Genesis Project – Bridge Home


Thank you so much for your website is actually great !

[DR – Thanks for taking the time to post.]


i don’t know much about plugins so far you have been very helpful.

[DR – my pleasure. Check out http://www.toolfarm.com/ if you’d like to explore the world of plugins.]

Hi, i am looking for free plugin can you pls provide me some?

[DR – the comments and various listings I’ve made over the last two years should provide you some resources for this.]

can u provide me some good plugins
i m new to it

you website is actually nice and i love free and your website

it’s right i love ‘free’ word ,
it’s nice too


Good Luck

thats a good one that why i needs this

The link is dead.

No more free plugins.

Boo, hoo.

[DR – Yeah, that was a temporary one: You snooze you loose kinda thing. I’ve posted some other stuff recently that you should search on. I’ll also try to ping the guys at Boris and see what they’re up to.]

I am very surprised to see all plugins

thats very good for me!!!

Thank u sir

i am excited for these plugins!

im sorry??
is that it??
only one??
im craving for more..
for the plu-ins…

[DR – I’ll probably do another AE plugins post sometime this year. simply google free AE plugins and you might surprised by what you find.]

thank you so much i love it

[DR – my sincere pleasure. Cheers – d]



excellent job, please give me more after effect plugins

verry good

Conoa offers FreeStreak for free. Works with AE and FCP. You can get more info at http://www.conoa.com/download.html

[DR – pulled it down and have used it – thanks!]

pls. give me ur after effects
plugins. pls. pls. I really need it for my presentation.

[DR – mats, not sure what you’re asking for here. there are obviously a lot of plugins included with After Effects and the third party ones, I’ve listed are either free or available for trial. Good luck in your presentation.]

well , it isn’t bad to try right ?.. i hope this is an amazing plugin .. thanks

[DR – right! ;-)]

send after effect plugins

[DR – I’ll keep looking around for more free AE plugins, they are out there!]

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