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Great AIR application from eBay

Being somewhat of a penny pincher, I’ve used Ebay for buying and selling all kinds of things.  However, I’ll be the first one (okay, maybe you were the first) to say that the Ebay interface leaves something to be desired…

I was thrilled to see the Ebay application up and running on the Adobe Labs website.  I quickly downloaded it and fired it up.  Sweetness! A simple interface that gives me information and options with no muss, no fuss.

If you haven’t heard about Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), now is a good time to read up on it. If you Ebay a lot, then you’ll definitely want to download AIR and the Ebay application ASAP.

AIR + Showcase applications page

Download and install the public beta of AIR and then grab the EBay application….Now I’m off to bid a penny on all that great stuff online…

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