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Hey it’s Halloween, so…

Got be straightforward here and say that I’m not a fan of Halloween.  I mean with a blog called the Genesis Project? ;-)  Or my 4 kids and too much candy?  Ugh…sugar highs and sugar crashes!

However, it being close to Halloween, what better time to mention a tutorial by Andrew Kramer, appropriately titled, "Demon Face Warp." This terrific tutorial will teach you a bunch about masks, tracking, liquify and a whole bunch more and it will make your friends look at you strange because you’ll shoot the video of yourself (I admit, I’m tempted too!)

Andrew is incredibly talented and puts out not only a bunch of great tutorials, but training and content as well.  Check out his website Video CoPilot

Demon Face Warp Tutorial

Also, if you want to see how often this tutorial has already been used, simply type "Demon Face" on YouTube and see what you get

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