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I like Mocha

Like any New York sports writer, I can’t resist a cute title in the hopes of making the back page. So no, I’m not talking about Starbucks and their latest confection…Rather, I’m talking about a great planar tracking system called Mocha AE from Imagineer Systems.

Planar Tracking, huh?  Well, I was with you until I saw this product (actually the full Mocha application) and it is pretty impressive.  Essentially, it is an improved tracking system for After Effects.  If you need to track something in the footage to apply an effect, plate, text…anything… than the Mocha AE plugin will simply amaze you. 

Mocha AE product page

Once you click on the above link, be sure to take the time to play some of the tutorial videos that are a bit down on the page. They really explain how the product works and the ideas behind it.

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