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My text is ‘disturbed’

As I run around the country, I’ve come across some requests on how to do things.  One of these is how to distort, age, weather, rip up text. Before I head out on the road again today, I made a quick tutorial recording for you to view.  It involves Photoshop and Premiere Pro.


The audio isn’t terrific, but it’s very clear and the entire video clocks in at about 5 minutes, so it’s easily digestible…

Here’s the link: Disturbed Text Tutorial

Here’s the same idea in a written format done by me 6 months ago.  There’s a downloadble PDF file for you to use.

Older tutorial (but still good!)


can you PLEASE get SOMEONE at adobe to address the fact that premiere cs3 does NOT WORK with the macbook pro!


no one is taking this seriously! months are going by! I don’t know what else to do. I ‘ve spent time with customer service and they act like there is no issue going on. I figure since you work there then maybe you can get something happening! thank you!

[DR – Brit, I’m using the MacBook Pro everyday. I’m not experiencing the problems you’re talking about and a casual look at the link you provided has me agreeing with the other posters that the USB2 drive and its connection to the monitor could be the culprit. I would try eliminating the possibilities (is it hte drive or something else?) and then proceed forward from there. Post back here if you still have problems. Best of luck!]

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