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Photoshop 101 Tutorial: Liquify

So I thought about Halloween some more and couldn’t resist doing a quick demo on how to ruin your face, or should I say, ruin my own face… Click on Read more if you’d like to view an online tutorial.

Not much to add to this picture here…  If you’d like to learn how to do this, click the link below.

Photoshop Liquify Tutorial




hi my name’s audrey i have appreciated that tutorial but i wanted to know why didi you use gaussian blur for reduce noise to show it really fashionable

[DR – Bon joir Audrey. There is a saying that ‘There are six ways to Sunday,’ and by extension there are a ton of different ways to do things in programs like Photoshop and After Effects. The simple answer might be that I didn’t think of it, or didn’t even know about it. Thanks.]

Thank you! 🙂
I hope will learn more about photoshop! 🙂
God bless you more! 🙂

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