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Premiere Pro 3.1 is here

Premiere Pro 3.1 which is a FREE update provides editors with Panasonics DV25, DV50 and DV100 – also known as DVC Pro HD. Checking out the Adobe forums indicates that the response so far has been very good and we hope that you’ll be happy too.  Simply go under Premiere Pro’s help menu and select Updates – it should sense it and download it for you.



hi i just installed it but need help on the tutorial aspect of it are there any online tutorials or seminars one can attend?

[DR – there’s plenty here and at other blogs. Simply put, I would google the product name you’re looking for and tutorials will show up.]

hey guys

Same kind of problem here, bu running on XP, the help>update option is greyed out, impossible to update and impossible to find the 3.1 upgrade on the adobe site, only the 3.0.1…. any suggestions? thanks a lot.

[DR – I checked this morning and indeed the 3.1 update is not posted yet, but I’m expecting it to be resolved this week (10/29/07). As long as your computer is connected to the internet, the Updates option should not be grayed out. Open up a web browser, launch Premiere Pro and try again. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

UPDATE – One extra thing I was reminded of is that you can’t necessarily update the trial. So, if you’ve downloaded it, that would be the reason you’re not able to update. Also, I confirmed that we’re working to get the update posted this week]


Do not install Premiere CS3 on a Program Files folder. There’s a problem in updates in installations with spaces inside folder names at root.


[DR – could be…and that was one of my suggestions. Thanks for chiming in!]


I have tried to install this update (as well as the Premiere Pro CS3 3.0.1 update before it) on Vista Ultimate, but despite repeated attempts, the Adobe Updater tells me the Update can not be installed and that I should reinstall Premiere Pro CS3. But after reinstalling Premiere Pro CS3, the same problem occurs i.e. the update can not be installed.

I have heard nothing back from Adobe Support on this problem – despite repeated attempts – so do you know if others are experiencing the same problem or if there are there any workarounds for this?

Sorry for the support post but I can’t seem to get any other help e.g. mailto:aptechnician AT adobesupport.com

FYI, all my other CS3 products have updated fine including After Effects, Soundbooth and Illustrator.



[DR – Adrian, sorry to hear that you’re having troubles. Couple of bits here for you to digest…
1 – I will forward your email message to techsupport and see if they have any suggestions for me and I will either contact you directly or post here as a comment.
2 – the email address you listed above receives hundreds of emails a day, so a certain amount of time is unfortunately required to get back in touch with you. Be patient, you may receive a response in a day or so.
3 – Vista has had an unfavorable review so far and most people are expecting some kind of service pack in early ’08. Until then, you will still want to make sure you’re updating Vista whenever possible as this issue may somehow be caused by some vista/adobe incompatibility.
4 – Instead of running the updater from the help menu (which I’m assuming you’re doing), you might try to download the update manually from the adobe website and then running it from your desktop. It’s a longshot, but worth a try anyway.

One way or the other, we’ll try to take care of you!


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