Mac & PC drives now in harmony

As I’ve talked about earlier, one of the problems that I face is that I’ve got a few drives, some Mac and some PC that have data and files sprayed all over them.  When I need to find them, I’m not always sure where they are and with what platform (Mac or PC) that I will need to access them from…

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Exploding Planets courtesy of Video Copilot

Over the past couple of months and in the spirit of my blogging mission (i.e – easy!) I’ve posted a couple of topics on "strange planets": showing how easy it is to make a planet and put it in space. Yesterday, I learned of another terrific free tutorial that is simply terrific, albeit more destructive – an exploding planet!

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Matrox Advantage tour

Just a quick note here that Matrox is hitting various cities and showing off the latest with their RT.X2 hardware in conjunction with Adobe Production Premium.  Click on the link to see if they’re coming to your neck of the woods.

I’m off to Chicago today to participate in tomorrow’s event.

Matrox Hardware Advantage Tour

Adobe’s Spectral editing still wows and amazes

Yesterday, I did some presentations of Production Premium at B&H photo along with one of our partners, Blackmagic Design.  During the day, I presented Soundbooth three times, and each time I showed how Soundbooth has a unique way to edit audio.  What amazes me is that after working for Adobe for nearly three years and showing it to thousands of people, it still gets gasps and oohs from the audience.  While that’s fun for me when I present I have to ask, "How long will it take for everyone to start using and understanding this fantastic approach to editing audio?"

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Another great resource for AE content

One of the two super guys who help run AENY (After Effects New York) was recently asked to help blog/write on  Well, after seeing the link about an upcoming AENY meeting (Thursday in case you’re wondering), I started to browse thru the site.  Wow….

If you want to see what some truly crazy creative people are doing with our products, then click on some of the websites that are on the left side of the site.  I specifically remember Psyop coming to AENY and the stuff they presented was simply stunning.  They’re listed on this site.  So is Blur, Nailgun, REZN8, Interspectacular and so on. 

Beyond a list of great animation and post houses, there is a blog with a bunch of current work that is being done whether it’s websites or tv/film.  Definitely worth reading and if you do, you may start to get a glimpse of where I may pull some of my material!

Motionographer website

Sounds corny,but I love working for a company that allows people to create this kind of stuff.

After Thanksgiving technology tidbits

I love Thanksgiving – I mean hey, what’s not to like?  Too much food, family, friends and deserts makes for a lot of goodies after the holidays. Here’s some of my after Thanksgiving tidbits (They’re not leftovers!) for you to peruse.

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Do you Hulu?

Some time ago, I posted (like everybody else) about NBC withdrawing from iTunes and the possible media storm that could be brewing as a result.  NBC shortly thereafter announced that they would be doing their own implementation of downloads and streaming.  Well, the streaming part is here in beta form.  Guess what it’s based around?

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AVC HD on Premiere Pro

Update 10-3-08 – CS4 has been announced and included in Premiere Pro CS4 is native AVCHD editing. Please go visit the Adobe website and check out all of the new features that are a part of Production Premium and Premiere Pro CS4

Update 6-16-08 – I’ve posted another entry that outlines several compatible solutions and one that you should take a look at. Here it is AVC HD and Premiere Pro Revisited


Main Concept, a company that Adobe has long worked with just announced and shipped their MPEG Pro HD 3 plugin for PC.  This new package delivers a variety of new editing capabilities to Premiere Pro 2 and CS3 users including AVC-HD.

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Business and pleasure…

the pleasure part is really for my kids (and yours if you’ve got ’em).  We recently put up some new pages focusing on Flash and on video and broadcast.  I saw them a few days before they went live and they’re really terrific.  The broadcast pages really show some interesting data and if you’re into trends, you’ll definitely find some surprising (or not) information.

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The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Okay, maybe not, but this may be some people’s reaction to Avid not showing up at NAB 2008…

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