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Adobe’s Spectral editing still wows and amazes

Yesterday, I did some presentations of Production Premium at B&H photo along with one of our partners, Blackmagic Design.  During the day, I presented Soundbooth three times, and each time I showed how Soundbooth has a unique way to edit audio.  What amazes me is that after working for Adobe for nearly three years and showing it to thousands of people, it still gets gasps and oohs from the audience.  While that’s fun for me when I present I have to ask, "How long will it take for everyone to start using and understanding this fantastic approach to editing audio?"

As an audio guy, I’ve grasped how important this method of audio editing really is, so I like to show it every chance I get.  Plus, Soundbooth is really designed for ‘non-audio’ people so it’s great to show with Premiere and the like.  Still, I’m always surprised that people have the products (Soundbooth and Audition) but haven’t tapped into this feature yet.

So, it’s my personal mission to continue to show this unique toolset until everyone knows that it’s available to them.

If you’ve clicked to read this and are intrigued to learn more, here’s a screen shot for you to look at

Soundbooth Spectral View

Additionally, there are a lot of tutorials that can be accessed via Bridge Home, Adobe.com and of course a link here to the Design Center.


Design Center (Video Workshop)

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