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After Thanksgiving technology tidbits

I love Thanksgiving – I mean hey, what’s not to like?  Too much food, family, friends and deserts makes for a lot of goodies after the holidays. Here’s some of my after Thanksgiving tidbits (They’re not leftovers!) for you to peruse.

Lots of things going on with Premiere Pro and it’s all good.  Matrox has just announced and released their 3.1 software version to coincide with our 3.1 release for Premiere Pro.  I’m firing up my Axio again in our NY office so I am looking forward to giving this realtime hardware a real test drive over the next couple of months.  The 3.1 release also applies to the RT.X2 series as well.

Premiere Pro is getting some good comments and reviews regarding our DVC Pro HD implementation.  While that’s terrific, I can’t wait for what we’re cooking up next.

Lightroom 1.3 went live last week and if you haven’t gotten it yet, you should run the updater under the help menu.  It provides updated Camera Raw profiles as well as support for some new cameras including the EOS mk3. If you haven’t tried Lightroom yet, give it a try.  It’s one of those products, I’ll launch just to fool around with.  It’s really that cool.

After Effects is still working towards adding DVC Pro HD + P2 support to sync up with Premiere Pro.  My guess is that this update will come along with our Leopard updates in early December.

Came across two websites that might peak your interest:

Josh Fozzard is a wedding/event videographer who has dived into After Effects and has a number of interesting items you might like to look at including his website name: AEproject.com

The next one comes to me via Terry White, who besides being an avid technology buff (Terry’s techblog) also writes for Photoshop User and Layers magazine. Terry mentioned Rod Harlan and Rod’s website, DVconfidential.  After taking a quick look at it, I know I’ll be back.

Just like Thanksgiving, there are more dainty tidbits and delicacies to explore, but I’m stuffed for now.  More coming soon.


AVC HD support better than advertised, congrat’s to all concerned. BUT soundboth cs4 is a down grade from cs3!!! Where did all the goodies for us non audiolfiles go?

[DR – Gerald, thanks for the praise on AVCHD, but I will say that your comment on Soundbooth confuses me. Soundbooth is still the same ‘audio for non-audio people’ application and nothing has moved or changed. Tasks are still the same with the exception that the scores panel moved out to it’s own location. Be more specific and I’d be happy to help.]

All good stuff!!! but did I miss something. where in the world is avc/hd?
Still patiently waiting.

[DR – AVC HD is a part of Premiere Elements 7 and obviously will be a part of a future version of Premiere Pro.]

My wishlist for Premiere Pro CS3.2 would be:

– Preview of HDV while capturing.
– Scene Detection for HDV.

[DR – Me too Nick.]

Hi Dennis – Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it. Is there a way for people to see your eSeminar after it has aired LIVE? If so, I’d like to post about that solution on my blog.

[DR – No problem and sorry for the delay in publishing this comment.

People – check out http://www.dvconfidential.com]

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