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Another great resource for AE content

One of the two super guys who help run AENY (After Effects New York) was recently asked to help blog/write on motiongrapher.com.  Well, after seeing the link about an upcoming AENY meeting (Thursday in case you’re wondering), I started to browse thru the site.  Wow….

If you want to see what some truly crazy creative people are doing with our products, then click on some of the websites that are on the left side of the site.  I specifically remember Psyop coming to AENY and the stuff they presented was simply stunning.  They’re listed on this site.  So is Blur, Nailgun, REZN8, Interspectacular and so on. 

Beyond a list of great animation and post houses, there is a blog with a bunch of current work that is being done whether it’s websites or tv/film.  Definitely worth reading and if you do, you may start to get a glimpse of where I may pull some of my material!

Motionographer website

Sounds corny,but I love working for a company that allows people to create this kind of stuff.

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