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Business and pleasure…

the pleasure part is really for my kids (and yours if you’ve got ’em).  We recently put up some new pages focusing on Flash and on video and broadcast.  I saw them a few days before they went live and they’re really terrific.  The broadcast pages really show some interesting data and if you’re into trends, you’ll definitely find some surprising (or not) information.

Solutions: Broadcast and media

In the above, as I was browsing thru the pages, I encountered one of our recent examples of rich interactive media and this is the part for the kids (or the kids at heart).  Definitely requires a good broadband line, but also well worth whatever wait you might have to endure…Give it a look at:


We’ve also got a new slogan for Flash and it’s "FlashOn".  There’s a lot here for you to explore as well so I’ll just give you the link.  Happy viewing and exploring.



How can we go about submitting content for broadcast on the Flash On site?


[DR – I don’t know but I am trying to find out. Stay tuned and if you read this, come back or post a comment again.]

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