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Mac & PC drives now in harmony

As I’ve talked about earlier, one of the problems that I face is that I’ve got a few drives, some Mac and some PC that have data and files sprayed all over them.  When I need to find them, I’m not always sure where they are and with what platform (Mac or PC) that I will need to access them from…

Does any of this start to sound familiar?

I posted a while back about being able to access my Mac drives from my PC, but I mentioned then that I still didn’t have a way to view NTFS volumes from my Mac – until now.

Paragon Software has released their NTFS for Mac software and I installed a copy yesterday to give it a test drive.  What can I say about it?  It worked! 

The installation was light and quick and there’s no startup splash screen or application you need to launch before hand – it just seems to do it’s thing in the background.  It’s pretty fast too – there doesn’t seem to be any noticible delay in copying and while I’ve been typing, I’ve been pushing across 1.7GB of information to a PC drive and it’s going just fine.

This isn’t a sexy software plugin that’s going to make you and After Effects do amazing things.  No, it’s just a terrific, must have utility if you move media between platforms day in and day out.  You won’t notice it’s there but you’ll love how it works.  If you need to view PC drives from your Mac, this is money well spent.

NTFS for Mac product page

If you’re working from a PC and need to access the Mac here is my original post and review about MacDrive 7 : MacDrive 7 post


Macfuse works but the ntfs driver is pretty slow. Ill have to try out Paragon to see how fast it is.

Anyone have some experience with MacFUSE? How stable is it?

I’ve been using (or trying to use) MacDrive since version 5 and the trial version never needed to work on my external drives for no apparent reason. I have about a dozen different enclosure/drive combinations. So I gave up on that.

Recently, I tried MacDrive 7 on Vista, and it worked nicely, so I bought it. I don’t use it regularly, but it’s good to have around when it’s needed.

From my MBP, I map to shares on my XP Pro machine (NTFS Formatted) via Option-K, pathing as smb:// and I’m able to write files without problems. Does this provide other support or any performance gains anywhere?

Are you aware of MacFUSE ?
It’s free and open source:


[DR – Hi Pedro, sure I’m aware of MacFUSE, but I don’t feel like dealing with little bits of code and frankly the page you listed just scares me away. Paragon’s solution works and works well. For me, it’s a safer solution. However, other posters have mentioned this solution to me in my MacDrive post.]

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