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Strange Planets revisited – After Effects Tutorial

In an earlier post that I’ll link you back to, I showed how simple it is to create a planet in space inside of After Effects. I took a 2D map of the Earth and turned our 3D world. However, one major thing I lacked – the Moon!  Well, thanks to my buddy Aharon Rabinowitz from Creative Cow, I can now present another Strange Planet tutorial – namely how to take the next step and integrate our satellite into our sphere of influence.

If you’re a regular reader/downloader of my tutorials (doubtful!) then you might say, where are the other two parts? Indeed, there is a first part, where I give you a tutorial on how to take a simple earth image (downloaded free from the Internet) and create a convincing view of Earth in space. Part 2, I’ve never actually had the nerve to write up, because it’s a fly through of the entire Solar System and to write up all of the details on that…well, I just haven’t had that much leisure time yet.

So, take a look, download the tutorial and dive in. Download Strange Planet 3 tutorial

Here’s the original tutorial – Planet Earth

Here’s one on creating the Sun (feel powerful don’t ya?) – The Power of the Sun

Finally, let me point you to Aharon’s website All Bets are Off You never know when you’ll need a good After Effects artist…


that clip was amazingly set. i have so much love and respect for the outer world.

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