Year in review – Genesis Project best tutorials (Part 2)

If you’d like to see the first part, you can find it here

With the Adobe break coming up, I thought I’d try and at least finish summarizing the more interesting tutorials and bits that came up in 2007.  My hope is that this is a good post to bookmark for a visual summary of some of the tutorial content.  So, on with the post!

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New version of Adobe Media Player available

If you glance at my stuff with any regularity, you know I’m a pretty big fan of the Adobe Media Player and the AIR platform.  Well, the applications are starting to get some real legs to them and if you haven’t given AMP (Adobe Media Player) a try yet, then now is the time.

Remember that both AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) and AMP are both based on Flash so we’re not installing some weird stuff – safe for the whole family. 😉

Visit the Adobe Labs site and have fun!

Another text example in AE – Happy Accidents

As you can probably imagine, I have Adobe applications open all of the time and in the evenings and early mornings, I have a little time to fiddle and experiment.  Happy accidents are just that and I find that they can be instructive too. The flip side is that I feel compelled to complete a look and either record a video and/or type up a tutorial on how to create it. 

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After Effects Tutorial: Information Slate

I’ve been at the Adobe 2007 Sales and Marketing Conference and before I jump on a plane to get home, I wanted to post up this simple After Effects project file for you to use.

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Best training resources of 2007 for Adobe video products

As I travel around the country and show off Adobe’s products, I often get a lot of questions about where people can get more information and learning – free or otherwise.  So, I wanted to give a roundup of some of the best sites, people and products that I’ve mentioned during 2007.

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I’m a tease…

…I know, a totally shameless headline.  I practically clicked on the link for you and forced you to read this.  My apologies.  However, to truly tease you, I saw some of the technology we’re working on and let me just say that it is fabulous.

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Year in review – Genesis Project best tutorials (Part 1)

During the course of the year, I’ve posted on many different subjects and topics as well as created several ‘how-to’s’ and I thought it would be a good time to give everyone a single link to find (or discover) some of the ‘best of” during the past year.  This post will focus on the best tutorial content. If I find there is reason for doing some other topics such as ‘livliest discussion’, etc., I will post again under a similar heading.

So, read on to grab some of the tutorial content that got a lot of downloads and comments…

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Premiere Pro 3.1.1 is now Leopard compatible!

Adobe just released the 3.1.1 update for Premiere Pro on Adobe’s Update Manager today.  If you launch your copy of Premiere Pro 3.1 and go under help, you will see an Updates button, select it and follow the prompts to download and install the update.

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The coolest hardware for Photoshop just got affordable

John Nack, the Photoshop product manager has already blogged on this and you can get it here, but I had to mention it here as well as I am a long time fan of "drawing on the monitor."

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Google gets ready for cell phones

Google is a giant and they may be diversifying their product offerings in the future.  Imagine – cell phones from Google?!?  I found this article too tempting not to post on

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