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After Effects Tutorial: Information Slate

I’ve been at the Adobe 2007 Sales and Marketing Conference and before I jump on a plane to get home, I wanted to post up this simple After Effects project file for you to use.

I’m not including step by step instructions this time as I think most of it is pretty straight forward even for beginners. I like to open it and digest how some of this was done many times, so I hope you’ll do the same.  This project uses text animation, shape layers, layer styles and animation presets.

The most interesting thing that I gained out of it was how not to do it.  You’ll see that I had two versions and the one had all kinds of 3D on it that didn’t have any net result on the animation.  That forced me to rethink it and recreate it in a 2D environment. My conclusion is that you don’t need 3D necessarily when executing on your idea.

The included PSD file was my original idea that I brought into After Effects to use as a reference. 

As always, I’ll decry any artistic ability and leave it to you, a creative person, to do something truly beautiful with it.

Now, lets hope the weather cooperates with me today and delivers me home to the family!

Information Slate Tutorial

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