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Another text example in AE – Happy Accidents

As you can probably imagine, I have Adobe applications open all of the time and in the evenings and early mornings, I have a little time to fiddle and experiment.  Happy accidents are just that and I find that they can be instructive too. The flip side is that I feel compelled to complete a look and either record a video and/or type up a tutorial on how to create it. 

I’ve not done that for this one and hope you can forgive me, but I think it still serves a purpose. Here’s the main idea: You can use text to create animation elements inside of After Effects. Dive into the small little AE project file and look into what I did.  Here’s some misc notes

  • The background layer started with the words ‘clever text’ and with the Chaotic preset applied
  • I then applied three different blur effects to the text to create a unique look.
  • I added an identical text layer and used the animation capabilities to show off some of it’s capabilities.  Pay particular note to the range selecter – it throws people off, but if you start to play with it, it is a lot of fun and opens the door to a lot of creative looks.
  • Blur is your friend and when applied creatively, can make things completely different

One final note, I started off trying to imitate a look on the big screens of our annual sales conference.  I failed but had this happy accident instead – it’s all good! 😉

Text Animation 12-07

Happy holidays,


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