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Best training resources of 2007 for Adobe video products

As I travel around the country and show off Adobe’s products, I often get a lot of questions about where people can get more information and learning – free or otherwise.  So, I wanted to give a roundup of some of the best sites, people and products that I’ve mentioned during 2007.

All of the people below make me say, "I wish I was as half as good as they are."  To me, that’s my seal of approval and I hope you enjoy these terrific resources as we close out 2007 and move into 2008.

These are in no particular order and I’ll leave it to you to visit them.  Several of them are free which makes them even better…

Dean Velez – His site is the Motion Graphics Lab and his life is all about After Effects.  He has a number of lessons and is now developing content for sale.

Video Copilot – Andrew Kramer is got talent oozing out of his skin.  Andrew specialty is visual effects, though he’s got a lot of material on motion graphics as well. His Video Copilot site is a must see.

Aharon Rabinowitz – Aharon is a good friend and the real brains behind AENY.org.  He also happens to be a very talented guy in his own right.  Aharon has his own company – All Bets are Off and is also an active member at Creative Cow If you’ve got iTunes (and you do), be sure to subscribe to Aharon’s After Effects podcasts – they’re must views…

Lynda.comLynda.com is an online cornucopia of training goodness. If your thing is getting training online when you have time for some nuggets of knowledge, Lynda is a great place to look.

Total Training – The Encyclopedia Brittanica of After Effects and many other Adobe products.  Their DVD’s are about as comprehensive as they come and a good resource to have.  After Effects is one of their flagships and they’ve got about 60 hours worth.


Just wanted to make mention of http://www.PhotoshopforVideo.com….

Lots of resources on Photoshop and Video (if you consider that a video app).


[DR – who doesn’t consider Photoshop a video app! 😉 Thanks for chiming in Rich. Love your work.]

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