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Google gets ready for cell phones

Google is a giant and they may be diversifying their product offerings in the future.  Imagine – cell phones from Google?!?  I found this article too tempting not to post on

Here’s the link NY Times on Google

Basically, what intrigues me is that a software company that didn’t exist ten years ago can now be so large that it can buy frequency to develop and launch it’s own cell phone network.  Obviously, there are a lot of articles that you can track down and I’m only summarizing one possible scenario.

However, I see Google potentially offering a device that is A) as cool as the iPhone and B) offers Flash as part of the browser experience. That would (will?) be one cool device indeed.

If this fascinates you, you don’t have to go far to get into more speculation.  For example, try www.google-phone.com

And what about Apple?  Maybe they will bid on the frequency spectrum?  Fun to watch and definitely good for customers in the end.

What do you think will happen?  Let me know with your comments…


I looking forward to have it.

Yeahyeahyeah flash comming in october this is a load of BS its friggin october 17th already and I’m furious that g2 users got flash with the htc hero what about all of us that baught the g1 when google first released their phone!!!!!

I came late in the g1 band wagon I had a blackberry curve and I foolishly gave it up ,instead I’m using g1 is the flash player issue resolved if not I’m a confirmed jack ass

I’m very very disapointed in T Mobile, google and adobe. Get it together. We have all been duped into buying a phone that is pants. There is so many things wrong with the phone it an utter disgrace that they can get away with it. Every application on this phone has something wrong with it. There is not one application that you could say performs so well that you would recomend this phone to a friend. Not having flash player really just sums it up. G1 is a half assed peice of shit. Should have got a blackberry for the same amount of money and actually have a phone that could download attachments from emails play video and do everything better than a rubbish g1 that can’t even make a descent app for making damn phone calls. I wish I had never signed that contract. Had it six months got another year to go. And I doubt it will get any better. No one who represents t mobile or google has told us anything so why should we have any faith. And as for you Dr, give me a break. As if you don’t know what the craic is. Tell us stop hiding behind ridiculous excuses

It will come when they with the golden goose put it out into public domain. Like Opera did with the mini browser. However,this would need all cell makers and adobe to agree in a unifide effort to produce. Problem is,they want too much for the goose and the others want 100s of pounds for the eggs (phones) it’s greed. Flash is the future. Why go there too soon? We can sell em sh*te an make money for now.

[DR – Ergo, sounds like you’re a conspiracy guy through and through…]

Well I will use my old phone until all the main bugs are worked out. And not having flash player for like websites is a big bug… I’m going to buy something soon but until flash is added to the g1 count my dallor out…. lol sorry I have better things to buy.

Well,Hahunk,it sure seems like the time for FlashLite to bless G1 has come,hu Mickey.I bet those guy are starting to know how it feels to be Goofey?Not that Donald gives a shit!Quack kak kak kak kak

Flash player needed….whom ever made the phone should have known it was needed….probably some I dnt wanna pay corperate bs decision like alwayz…flash player pleas

To have a name like flash what’s the hold up.. I’m starting 2 feel like it will never come but if it is then they can use me as a test dummy I have no problem with using a faulty version somethin is better than nothin.

[DR – While that may hold true for you, too many other people would be very upset with a less than perfect Flash experience.]

Si yo hubiese sabido que este estupido cell no tenia flas player no lo hubiese comprado, mi pasiencia se esta acabando.

Well in still waiting for flash. I’m not the only one. Anyone know what the hold up is?

I’m not going to wait any longer for this stupid & silly when…how….I just have to switch to the new n;serries nokia that already out on market at least it has f.player. the only problem I have is that massive company like google can make a awsom phone but unfortunetly couldn’t think how many custmer could make them not to go 4 g1 due to fucking player no availeble….honestly I don’t give a toss

What’s up with the Flash player? We are all still waiting for it. Please Adobe give us the beta so we will try it.

Well im sure that its coming out someday.. only question is: will i be able to wait that long (end 2009 is the most reliable time i could find imo) and if its a reliable time. i mean they promised us cupcake 2 months ago.

I heard there was a lite beta that is aplicable for the G1 is this tru if it is where to get it

WOW!!! its March and no flash player yet!!! Come on get with it. we need flash player.

I have to give my peace of mind. I think the makers of g1 should have thought of a plan before releasing the phone. I hope they have a plan for the next g2 like have the app already to go. I pay the expence for the phone, so they should be smart about it. Next time guys have the app ready, what did you think, did you think that upon release people would not want the flash?

I just got my G1 about a month ago and I love it. The only thing missing is the flash player. I agree with everyone else here about the time it has taken to get a flash player. So far, all we know is that there is one that is being tested. If all others w/a G1 are like me, they can figure out most of the tricks to the apps and will give feedback when & where needed. We also NEED a flash player! Can we even get a guesstimate about when we will get one?

When is the flash player coming,I’m anxious!

Its allmost march, I got the g 1 in october. Many new apps are appearing all most daily. It would be a awesome divise it it was supported by flash. I’m waiting. Tick tock tick tock. All ready then its been long enough. Let’s roll it out and fix the bugs along the way. I saw the demo. The player can’t be 2 far away.

[DR – I know some people would like to give it a try right away, but I think most people would prefer a clean Flash experience rather than a buggy one… I know I would. ;-)]

Can anyone release a statement in regards to a release date for an Android flash player. The G1 will only be great if we can get a flash player i dont understand how google released the Android with out one.

I had this G1 shipped to my house a day or two before the launch date,I was so disapointed to find out that there wasn’t a flashplayer.Had I known that,I would have bought the iphone instead. My patience is running out.I need a flash player!! When are we getting it? Get it together Adobe.Google mobile need to put some presure on them…

I have a g1 phone, and you would think, out of all the features it has, it would have flash player. Come on guys let’s get it together, and get flash player for the g1 phone. There are to many people that has this phone, and we don’t want to swich because of no flash player.

I need help with my G1 for Flash Player so I can see video online and myspace

[DR – when it’s available, I’m sure you’ll get it! ]

The g1 is ok, kind of slow though. I enjoy facebook but can’t enjoy all the apps without a flash drive. Kind of sux.

I am also anxiously awaiting a Flash player for my T-Mobile G1. I read rumours about a Flash Lite version for the Android O/S. However, after the Cupcake rumour fiasco, I learned to wait patiently. This doen’t stop me from asking though.

This flashplayer waiting is getting to me…I can’t enjoy the full expectations of my new G1 experiences…

[DR – clearly you are not the only one… 😉 I also heard the G1 may get Javascript as well which would be cool for a more complete browsing experience.]

Hey I have the g1 also, is not possible that they make the g2 with flas only?? They must work in flash for the first version… but I’m still waiting for it, hopefully they make it rite??

[DR – as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I don’t know. As a consumer, I think that is quite possible. On the other hand, if the OS is essentially the same on both devices, I don’t see any reason why Flashlite 3.0 wouldn’t be available on both devices.]

Also Want to put in my two cents about android flash.It seems a majority of the public is impatiently anticipating the release of andriod Flash but we seem to hear nothing current or positive from Adobe about it’s release. ADOBE!! The condition is ripe for a young and motivated competitor to step in. I hope Adobe hasn’t counted their chickens before their flashed.(oops hatched 🙂

[DR – Agreed.]

hey its been like 3 months since the g1 made its appearence when exactly is the flash player comin out for it ? Is it possible that they might release it with the g2 ?

Ihave the g1 from tmobile, a flash player is what this phone is missing.hopefully an update can be sent out soon.I wish I could go on espn and catch some highlights.anyone with any update please post for me.

When will it finally be available? Adobe is sitting on a gold mine and is spinning its wheels.

when will we have the flash player on G1????

[DR – I don’t know…really…it’s not my focus, but know that Adobe knows that there are many Android customers out there that want Flash…]

Next month?

[DR – don’t know – it’s not something I track within Adobe that much.]

Any updates on the flash player for android.?

[DR – not publicly]

Any updates on the flash player for android.?

[DR – not at present. It will certainly take some amount of time, but if I hear something I will be sure to let everyone know…]

This is facinating, so how long till a real Flash product or even a beta can be available for testing, who would I contact to join a beta for the Flash on Android.

[DR – I can’t really speak to that, but I believe that a lot of work is being done. You would have to check some FlashLite blogs on the Adobe blog roll to get more comment. For my own part, I don’t know what I can and cannot say, so it’s better to say nothing at all…]

Are you talking about a specific phone from Google, as opposed to or in conjunction with their open source Linux-based Android mobile operating system (http://code.google.com/android)?

Cause I agree that it would make sense for Google to have its own, specific Google device, but the road Google’s taking with Android and the Open Handset Alliance is a smart one, too, I think.

[DR – Ben, I’ve seen and read articles on both concepts. I can see either scenario working and honestly, Google feels big enough to pull it off.]

The point isn’t what runtime(s) is/are offered on such devices. It is really how low the barrier to entry is for scripters to write applications and hack the device. Flash gets a win on this front (ActionScript/ECMAScript is superior to Java for low barriers to extensibility), but the Flash runtime is still a walled garden.

[DR – an interesting perspective. I don’t come from the programming background, so can’t really comment on that front. For me, I just want the cleanest, fastest, most transparent user experience I can get. Right now, the lack of Flash is a bummer for me in the iPhone. Conversely, if Google puts a bunch of ads in my interface, I may be a bit turned off by that as well…time will tell! Thanks for the comment.]

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