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I’m a tease…

…I know, a totally shameless headline.  I practically clicked on the link for you and forced you to read this.  My apologies.  However, to truly tease you, I saw some of the technology we’re working on and let me just say that it is fabulous.

If you comb through my archives or met me at an event, I hope that you’ll get the sense that I’m honest – I’ll speak about Adobe’s warts as well as the enabling, engaging technology that makes us famous.  That being said, I am also a cheerleader and I confess that I can do the ‘rah rah rah.’ 

It still doesn’t take away from the fact that I truly believe that Adobe ‘gets it,’ and what I saw today is proof positive.  I get excited when the PM’s show me stuff and I think of the customers that I’ve talked to that will benefit from this – and they’re a lot of them.  Adobe gets it and I am pleased to represent them.

CS2 was awesome, demonstrating to our competitors what integration is really about.

CS3 is even better, never resting on our laurels, pushing the envelope and creating truly cross platform software bundles for any workflow.

What’s coming? Not sure, but what I’ve seen is a great start.  Couple that with what we’ve got from products like AIR, Brio, Share, Connect, Kuler, AMP, and on and on…Not sure what I’m talking about?  Visit the Adobe Labs website and spend an hour there digesting all of the technology that is available TODAY.

Final note – the more I look at it, the more I think that AIR is going to be very special.  Like a Photoshop, Acrobat or Flash special…A potential ‘change your world’ special.  It’s the rich interactive experience that everyone is talking about – without the confines of a browser. Tell me what you think.


Me thinks me likes it 🙂

[DR – Geez Mordy, you’re up later than me. 😉

Besides you wanting to visit Mordy’s blog and buying his books, I’ll also mention that I saw some new features for the next version of Illustrator and they’re hot! See, I am a tease – no elaboration on what I saw!]

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