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The coolest hardware for Photoshop just got affordable

John Nack, the Photoshop product manager has already blogged on this and you can get it here, but I had to mention it here as well as I am a long time fan of "drawing on the monitor."

I know I wasn’t the only one who has mentioned the price of the Cintiq to them over the course of the years.  Last year at a show, I invited Jim McCarthy at Wacom to be a part of the booth and we had time to talk about a lot of great things including the CIntiq’s price.  For those of you who aren’t familiar the Cintiq is a high-quality LCD panel that you draw on. The only problem has been the price of ~$2,500.00.  Not exactly cheap for most of us.

So it was awesome to see in the above link a new Cintiq product that is under a $1000.00.  Yeah, it’s only 12", but trust me, once you try one of these babies you will want one, even if you’re not that good with pen and paper.

The Cintiq is a standard part of a graphics workstation in the broadcast graphics design and post production companies and it’s easy to understand why.  But if you’re a freelancer and squeezing out $2500 is a bit much, this news will be early holiday cheer. 😉


I’d like to give the new Wacom Cintiq a try but I still have to wonder why it is almost the same price as a full on Tablet PC? The Tablet PC has the same 1024 levels of pressure sensing and at a higher resolution… along with a complete PC to run the software wherever you happen to be. I suppose it is the only reasonable way for a Mac user to get this functionality but it is kind of nice to have the Tablet PC with you wherever you go along with Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio EX, Anime Studio Pro, Painter… and Microsoft Onenote is a killer application on the tablet.

So you take a Tablet PC and remove the Intel Core 2 processor, the 120GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, media reader, DVD Drive, Wireless 802.XX and Bluetooth, the operating system… and Wacom will cut the price 30%?

Hmmmm… the big screen Cintiq for $2,500 actually makes more sense to me since you can’t get a monster Tablet PC to match up to it.

[DR – thanks for the comments Clint. I’ve not tried a laptop pen tablet much so can’t really compare it, but you definitely make some good points. My understanding (perhaps flawed) is that the Cintiq is still a superior technology and as you mention the size and speed of a desktop is superior to a laptop. Plus the size of the cintiq is pretty amazing. lastly, you have multiple pen tips, presets for Photoshop, and the swivel – they all make for a nice experience.

When HP or Dell give me a pen laptop to play with, I’ll let you all know my findings. Until then, I will be quite happy using the tablets and screens from Wacom.]

Nice. I used to teach on one at Pratt. I thought they were super cool, but way to pricey.

I recently got a an Intuos 3 for widescreen and it’s pretty cool, although no Cintiq, of course. I occasionally use it for stuff in photoshop and sometimes even in After Effects – you can use it for drawing certain elements (like paint strokes) and animating. Not ready to plunk down the 1K – but ONLY because I don’t really do the kind of work that requires it – if you’re doing a lot of stuff in PS, and you can afford it, this is definitely worth the price. Cintiq’s are awesome.

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