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Year in review – Genesis Project best tutorials (Part 1)

During the course of the year, I’ve posted on many different subjects and topics as well as created several ‘how-to’s’ and I thought it would be a good time to give everyone a single link to find (or discover) some of the ‘best of” during the past year.  This post will focus on the best tutorial content. If I find there is reason for doing some other topics such as ‘livliest discussion’, etc., I will post again under a similar heading.

So, read on to grab some of the tutorial content that got a lot of downloads and comments…

Okay, so I hope that many people will find this beneficial as they dive into the world of Adobe.  Most of the tutorials here are based around After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro (probably in that order). This may change a bit as we move into the new year, but for now, here’s our list.

1) Chewed up, ripped up, distorted, disturbed text in Photoshop – I love the current design ideals that show text as something less than pristine and clean.  It’s easy if you have a font that is already prepared, but what if you don’t?  Well, you take a look at my tutorial don’t you? 😉  Disturbing Text

2) Putting the basics together in After Effects – This won’t be the last time I do something like this, but for a beginning effort, I think this is pretty good. My basic assumption is that many people are terrified of After Effects (it’s okay, you can admit it, I did!).  So, I have created (and will continue to create) tutorials that are understandable by a larger creative audience to help you start utilizing the power of After Effects.  Basic Animation

3) Here’s one I forgot about but think is good – Basic 3D inside of After Effects.  I should create a movie of this one and post it on the article, but essentially, it’s a humble (very humble…) attempt to introduce beginner and intermediate users to some of the controls of 3D inside of After Effects.  It uses just a simple Photoshop file to do it.  Check it out at Flying Ducks

4) Sometimes I do what I like to call "quick hits."  Sometimes I don’t think something needs a PDF file to print and read – you just need the file.  Well, here’s a Photoshop file with a reflection on it.  Very simple and easy to do. Reflections

5) Anytime a blogger uses the the most commonly used type of MP3 player – ala iP##, you get a ton of internet spiders chasing down your links and you get a lot of comments suggesting your manhood isn’t what it should be and how to get some watches cheap…You get the idea.  Well, when I did this tutorial on recreating the original MP3 player commericial, I didn’t know that.  Ahh, the innocence of my youth!  Anyway, here’s a tutorial on it and it also happens to be the first time I used video from YouTube to give you a preview.  A certain MP3 commerical recreated

6) No doubt about this one – it is definitely one of the most downloaded tutorials of the year. Creating cool looks using particles.  This tutorials is probably one of the ones I am most proud of and many people seemed to agree.  Check it out Using Particles to create

7) So, if the above one got a lot of hits, this one is one that I thought would have had more appeal.  As After Effects CS3 rolled out, I discovered one little thing that I thought was new and important.  I used it to create this interesting short animation.  While viewing, you probably need to sing the Beatle’s "Love, Love, Love" behind it. 😉 Using Shapes as Particles

8) Creating something out of nothing is one of the most satisfying and intriguing concepts to me in After Effects.  Here’s my attempt at creating the Sun from nothing except After Effects.  The Power of the Sun

Having already put down 8 tutorials, I’m finding that I’ll have to do a second part to get through the year’s more interesting stuff.  I hope you will find these interesting. 

Let me also use this entry as a chance to ask what you’d like to see more of next year.  As I mentioned in one of my very first entries – I do requests if I know what they are.


Thank you so much Dennis for the great tutorials! I’ve used them all and it’s helped me so much with After effects!

What I would love to see is more on moving things in 3d, for instance, the kid stays in the picture effect…

and also how to make things “grow” which i assume involves revealing masks over time or some such thing…

also, cool anchor point rotations that you seem in mogfx reels all the time

thank you so much!

[DR – Brit – thanks for the great comments and support! Give me a specific example on what you mean by the kid stays in the picture – I’m not sure what you mean here. As for growing things, most of the time – yes it’s masking. I would recommend Andrew Kramer’s Evolution as a great way to get started with that. http://www.videocopilot.net]

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