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Year in review – Genesis Project best tutorials (Part 2)

If you’d like to see the first part, you can find it here

With the Adobe break coming up, I thought I’d try and at least finish summarizing the more interesting tutorials and bits that came up in 2007.  My hope is that this is a good post to bookmark for a visual summary of some of the tutorial content.  So, on with the post!

We left off at #8, so lets keep it going.

9) A couple of Photoshop tutorials.  Photoshop is an essential tool and I love to talk about it, but I sometimes feel guilty on posting tutorials about it because there is SO MUCH stuff out there and nearly all of it is better than mine.  Nevertheless, I think that looking at the basics are useful to some (the stats prove it.) and so I’m lumping two basic Photoshop posts togeter as #9. 

Cereal Box Snacks – Photoshop Basics Yes, I’ve got a weird sense of humor…

Layer Styles 101

10) I like creating lower third animated graphics even if I’m not that good at it.  Still, this is another good example of how to put several different features together from After Effects to create a nice look.

Lower 3rd’s are cool

11) With Adobe’s Connect technology we have a platform for making e-Seminars both easy to do and informative for people who show up virtually.  One that got a great response was a basic motion graphics workshop with the idea of creating a generic slate.  All of the goodies including project files are included in this and most of the tutorials I post.

After Effects 101 Tutorial

12) Here’s a Premiere Pro video tutorial that I did with Connect as well and recorded.  It’s somewhat dull in the sense that I did it on keyboard shortcuts, but I think they (keyboard shortcuts) are so important, that I’m including it here in my best of list.

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

13) Tracking in AE – this tutorial took a while for me but I thought it worthwhile.  The download size of this one is a little bigger, because I had to include some video, but it’s still pretty manageable.  This is deeper tutorial, but a great skill to keep at the ready with After Effects.

After Effects tracking

14) Another planet tutorial – this one takes the next step and puts the moon around the earth.

Strange Planets revisited

15) Information Slate – Another generic motion graphics project.  This one taught me that a lot of times how I approach a project or tutorial could be wrong – there is an easier way to do it.  In this project, I left the wrong way I started for you to look at and possibly learn from.

Information Slate

I sincerely hope that these tutorials and informational bits have been helpful to you. I’ll look to continue the idea of beginner based tutorials in this blog as well some exciting new mediums we’ll be unveiling next year! Stay tuned and happy holidays!


So is
there a update yet… I heard here’s an update as of 5/28/08

[DR – SMC I had to go the thread to understand the context. Basically, all of the latest information is at the AVCHD thread



where can we find out if there will be an update to Premiere Elements 4 so that it will accept AVCHD?



[DR – Tim, it would be on the Premiere Elements product page on the Adobe website.]

Is Adobe going to incorporate the AVCHD codec into Premiere? I have noticed all other majour compeditors have as standard however where i work, the whole site runs the Adobe Mastter collection and the HD cameras currently being purchased cannot be used in our environment because of the AVCHD codec restriction with Premiere.

[DR – David, the thread on AVCHD on my blog is the longest one out ther. There are ways to convert the footage to something Premiere Pro can edit and there are also solutions that are available for you to purchase. Adobe does want to do AVC HD, it’s just a question of when we’ll have it ready.]

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