American Idol or just an excuse for me to talk baseball?

As I mentioned in my last post, I often notice ads, videos, etc as I am traveling around the country and recently I noticed the new American Idol campaign with contestants superimposed on iconic buildings or bridges around the US.  There’s not much difficulty to doing it, but you need to know your selection tools and probably some masking.

In casting about for a proper example, I was pleasantly given a timely example when yesterday on the radio I heard that Johan Santana was coming to the Mets.  One of my many flaws (really) is that I am truly addicted to baseball and when I heard that Johan was coming to the Mets, I whooped it up in my rental car.  The icing on the cake was that I was doing it in Atlanta, where the division rival Braves reside.

Anyway, here’s a look for you and I’ll try to deconstruct it for you in a future post.

Logo Creation tutorial with Photoshop

As a rule, ever since I joined Adobe I’ve always kept an eye out on all kinds of design, content, video, etc.  I’m always looking at it to not only admire (or sometimes deride) the design, but to figure out how it was done. Today’s tutorial is one such example that beginners and intermediate Photoshop users will enjoy.

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More After Effects stuff for free

One of the questions I get SO!!!! often (get the emphasis?) is the following: "How do I learn more about After Effects?"  In other words, where can I get free training or lessons for what I want to do?

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After Effects 8.0.2 & Quicktime 7.4

Michael Coleman, who is Product Manager for After Effects has posted some important information about the new release which includes P2/MXF support.

Coleman’s Blog Entry

Also, Dave Helmly got the scoop on me and listed the other fixes in the release as well.

Helmly’s AE entry

This important release DOES NOT coincide with the release of Quicktime 7.4.  Unfortunately, this QT release has some problems with AE and rather than hold up our release any further, we went ahead.  We’re hopeful that the Quicktime team will address some issues found in a subsequent update, but in the meantime, I would steer clear of the latest release of QT.

AE Tutorial: Watching football make me think

Am I the only one who when he is watching TV is trying to figure out how things are done that makes them look compelling?  There was a time when I longed for the commercials to be over.  Now, I get as much enjoyment out of them as I do the programs themselves.

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Do you use Avid Xpress or Liquid?

As a guy who informally held the title of "Mr. Liquid" prior to working at Adobe, it is somewhat weird but exciting to be talking Adobe’s new rebate program for owners of Avid’s Liquid, Liquid Pro or Avid Xpress users.

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January AENY meeting to be big

We’ve got a great line up of speakers and technology for our January meeting.  It will be one to remember and I hope that you’ll join us if you’re around NY on January 24th at the Pratt Institute on 14th street.  You can get all of the details at the AENY website

My Foyer has become a Studio!

Most of the guys are going, "Wow, cool!"  The ladies on the other hand are probably going, "Ewww!"  I tend to lean towards the latter, because I have to clean it up in the end.

Why am I doing this? Adobe has some great stuff coming out later this year and I’ve been asked to contribute.  Hopefully, you’ll find this stuff not only exciting but also very useful!

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Another Top Finish for Production Premium CS3

Gary and the gang over at do a yearly review of the top 10 most influential products over the past year. I’m happy to say Production Premium CS3 took the top spot over some very worthy competitors.  Check it out at Videoguys top 10 for 2007

Photoshop Elements for Mac

Ahh, this is a bit old already (January 10th), but worth noting that Adobe has announced that we’re bringing Photoshop Elements 6 to the Mac. 

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