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After Effects 8.0.2 & Quicktime 7.4

Michael Coleman, who is Product Manager for After Effects has posted some important information about the new release which includes P2/MXF support.

Coleman’s Blog Entry

Also, Dave Helmly got the scoop on me and listed the other fixes in the release as well.

Helmly’s AE entry

This important release DOES NOT coincide with the release of Quicktime 7.4.  Unfortunately, this QT release has some problems with AE and rather than hold up our release any further, we went ahead.  We’re hopeful that the Quicktime team will address some issues found in a subsequent update, but in the meantime, I would steer clear of the latest release of QT.


How has the incompatibility issues developed since the last post?? Wondering if it is safe to upgrade to todays current version of QT??

[DR – Well, QT 7.4.1 did address some of the 7.4 bugs, but since I personally don’t intend on downloading movies to iTunes, I’ve stayed with 7.2. I’ve heard that 7.4.1 has a few little things going on with it, but nothing major that I know of with Adobe applications.

In a nutshell, if you have a need to update to 7.4.1 then go for it, otherwise stick with what works…]

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