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American Idol or just an excuse for me to talk baseball?

As I mentioned in my last post, I often notice ads, videos, etc as I am traveling around the country and recently I noticed the new American Idol campaign with contestants superimposed on iconic buildings or bridges around the US.  There’s not much difficulty to doing it, but you need to know your selection tools and probably some masking.

In casting about for a proper example, I was pleasantly given a timely example when yesterday on the radio I heard that Johan Santana was coming to the Mets.  One of my many flaws (really) is that I am truly addicted to baseball and when I heard that Johan was coming to the Mets, I whooped it up in my rental car.  The icing on the cake was that I was doing it in Atlanta, where the division rival Braves reside.

Anyway, here’s a look for you and I’ll try to deconstruct it for you in a future post.


Yankees fan here, but I’m glad we didn’t give up the prospects Minnesota wanted for Johan.

Personally, I like what you did better than what the NY Post did, which can be found here:


But it looks wierd that he is in a Twins outfit still.

[DR – Thanks for the compliment. Agreed on the Twins outfit, but hey, I don’t have time on how to do that! 😉 The NY Post graphic is a nice mockup of him in a Mets uniform]

Yay for another baseball fan. But… a Cardinals fan here.

[DR – it’s all good. Creatives and baseball go good together. Thanks for the comment]

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