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Matrox MXO now available for Premiere Pro Mac users

Matrox announced that the latest software version for their MXO product now supports Premiere Pro 3.1.1 on the Mac.  This is a Mac only product that gives users (especially laptop users) the ability to preview, downconvert and output HD content on SD or computer monitors.

I haven’t given this product a try, but we’ve talked to Matrox about bringing this product to Premiere Pro for some time and happy that it’s now here.  There are some key features that the MXO has that make this an attractive product for monitoring, but in going through them, I don’t know where to start so am kicking it back to you to read up on their website – there’s a lot of information there for you to digest!

Okay, okay, a little bit of info would help…It offers an inexpensive solution to do HD monitoring as well as offer real time down convert to SD for outputing or monitoring on an SD system.  In addition to having support for Premiere Pro 3.1, it also supports After Effects.  The list of formats, frame rates and the like are pretty good and the shot of the I/O panel below gives you a good idea of what is possible.

Here is a picture of the I/O on the back is below.

You should visit their website to find out if this product might be for you and to get more details (there are a lot). 

MXO home page

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