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More After Effects stuff for free

One of the questions I get SO!!!! often (get the emphasis?) is the following: "How do I learn more about After Effects?"  In other words, where can I get free training or lessons for what I want to do?

Wel, if you’ve read my blog at all, I’ve pointed out various sites, people and training resources that are available and will continue to do so.  Check out the archives in the resources category over the past year if you’d like to get a head start.

Last night at AENY we had another great crowd (too crowded some might say) and afterwards people are coming up to talk to the various speakers and myself to chat.  Ayato Fujii presented himself and mentioned his website.  I took his card home.  Well this morning, I hopped over to his website and saw some of his stuff – very nice. He’s got over 50 basic lessons that are layed out very simply.  He does expect you to have a basic understanding of After Effects and in some cases there are third party plugins. It is still good stuff.  Check it out at http://www.ayatoweb.com


Ayato’s site has been around providing AE tutorials for ages (especially considering that his early tutorials used AE 5.5).

His site is a great resource for someone starting out with motion graphics.

[DR – well it’s a new one for me and a welcome one at that. Ayato’s supposedly moved to NY, so I hope to see more of his stuff on a regular basis. I know I’ll be visiting his site to get some ideas in the future.]

Videocopilot.net is wonderful website for After Effects tutorials. More than 10 Basic training videos are available in http://www.videocopilot.net/basic/index.html and for 56 AE tutorials check out http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials.html.Videocopilot was run one of the top AE persons in the planet Andrew Krammer. He is also active Creative Cow AE Guru. Also creativecow.net is the wonderful website to learn almost 100 popular professional softwares.

Hope this will help.

[DR – I’ve talked about Andrew several times on this blog and indeed he is a terrific animator and his tutorials are terrific.]

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