AENY rocks the house!

Last night’s AENY meeting set another new record.  We believe we had over 200 people at one.  The feedback is tremendous, if you take out the fact that everyone is so cramped!  If you’re a part of AENY, thanks for making our one year anniversary so kickin’!  Don’t let the crowding stop you from coming to the next meeting.  Vist AENY to get all the details on our next meeting.  While you’re there, please sign up for the mailing list – we won’t spam you.  However, it will give us an overview of the total size of our group as it stands right now.

Also, we’re still working on finding a new, larger space.  If you find something or know someone, please get in touch with Aharon or Jim (group leaders)

Discovery Channel Brand ID Tutorial

Yesterday I posted a working animation of a new tutorial that I was working on.  Well another late night and early morning have brought it to conclusion.  Click on to get the PDF tutorial and project files for our Discovery Channel Brand ID!

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Discovery Channel remake – AE Tutorial

I’ve been spending time in the city this week and visiting a lot of the broadcasters this week as a run up to NAB.  In the evenings (late evenings!) I’ve continued doing email and also tutorials.  So, here’s one that I will try to write up and post the project files in the near future.  In the meantime, enjoy this simple After Effects animation.

Adobe AIR now available

Adobe put our AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) out there for the world this Monday.  It combines HTML, PDF, and Flash in one environment. It allows a whole community of Flash developers to not only design cool web pages but now, cool applications.

On Adobe’s home page, you now download the AIR runtime.  Coincidently, it’s next to the buttons for downloading Flash Player and the Acrobat reader.  To me this is an indication of how impactful AIR could be. 

If you’re about to click away from this post – WAIT!  Click the link below and you’ll begin to understand what AIR can do for you as a consumer.  My example is that I use ebay personally. To say that the ebay interface is less than perfect would be an understatement.  Well, ebay created their own AIR app that you can download and oh – what a difference!

There are other apps that are in our spotlight section as well that might be worth a look depending on what you’re interested in.

Adobe AIR

If you’re looking for a little additional reading on the story behind AIR, check out the NY Times article published on Monday: Adobe Blurs Line Between PC and Web

I can’t say that I’m a Flash programmer, but the potential of this environment makes me want to pick up a book and start learning!

Are you in a media ministry – visit Adobe at NRB

Part of the reason for me to name my blog "The Genesis Project" is to emphasize the idea of beginner type tutorials and information to content creators.  I firmly believe that there is an audience out there that is wanting someone to help them get the basics and then from there they move on to training and tutorials that are beyond the scope of mine.

However, another part of the name for "The Genesis Project" has to do with who I am and that leads me to the point of this entry.  If you are involved in ministry, whether it is a volunteer or as an employee and are considering attending NRB: the National Religous Broadcasters show, I hope that you will stop by and say hello.  Adobe will be there and in addition to having a booth, we’ll have several sessions on Adobe products, designed to help people create content efficiently and with high quality.

We have some exciting sessions and you can get some of the details here

I look forward to meeting many of you there.

Free AE stuff from Motion Graphics Lab

Dean sent out a message to me telling me about some new animations that he makes available to everyone.  Here’s what he said:

"Hello Video, Film and Web folks,
I was messing around with some ideas for St Patrick’s Day and came up with twelve different animations. There are Gold Coins, Rainbows, Clovers and even a Pot of Gold ready for download!
All 12 are free up until March 17th…and as usual they are royalty free and fully customizable."

Who doesn’t like free? 😉

Motion Graphics Lab

Local NYC: Next AENY meeting is our 1 year anniversary!

Our one year anniversary AENY (After Effects New York) event is happening next Thursday (February 28th) at 6PM at Pratt.  There will be a ton of prizes including a copy of Production Premium CS3 (your choice of platform) to celebrate our past year.  The group is growing and we’re still looking for a new home that will easily accomodate 200 people per meeting.  If you know of such a place, please let me know here.

To get all of the details, visit the site

A new year and a new look for The Genesis Project!

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of The Genesis Project in early March and during the entire year, I was unsatisfied with the basic blue look of my blog.  I mean, we’re Adobe after all, we should be able to do something a bit better!  However, I am not a web guy so I was focusing on the content rather than the look.  All of that has now changed with The Genesis Project’s new look!

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Some thoughts on Audition from an audio guy

It’s been a busy time, and even though the launch of Production Premium was in July of ’07, we seem to only be busier than ever.  So it is with a certain amount of sheepishness that I confess that I haven’t spent as much time with Audition as I would like.

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It’s official: Blu-ray is our HD shiny disc

We first heard rumblings from CES, then some of the big boys like Warner Bros, WalMart, NetFlix and others said they were choosing sides and then two days ago, we got the official announcement from Toshiba, “We’re done.”  So, HD-DVD rides off into the sunset and Blu-ray is our official HD format for next generation DVD.

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