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Adobe AIR now available

Adobe put our AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) out there for the world this Monday.  It combines HTML, PDF, and Flash in one environment. It allows a whole community of Flash developers to not only design cool web pages but now, cool applications.

On Adobe’s home page, you now download the AIR runtime.  Coincidently, it’s next to the buttons for downloading Flash Player and the Acrobat reader.  To me this is an indication of how impactful AIR could be. 

If you’re about to click away from this post – WAIT!  Click the link below and you’ll begin to understand what AIR can do for you as a consumer.  My example is that I use ebay personally. To say that the ebay interface is less than perfect would be an understatement.  Well, ebay created their own AIR app that you can download and oh – what a difference!

There are other apps that are in our spotlight section as well that might be worth a look depending on what you’re interested in.

Adobe AIR

If you’re looking for a little additional reading on the story behind AIR, check out the NY Times article published on Monday: Adobe Blurs Line Between PC and Web

I can’t say that I’m a Flash programmer, but the potential of this environment makes me want to pick up a book and start learning!

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