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AE project – Solar System

Some time ago, I published the video of a fly through of our solar system.  I have wanted to write it up with all of the how to’s, etc. but honestly, this is one project that is simply too big to easily write up.  Despite that, let me say that this is stuff that is still fairly easy to do, just not so easy to write up.

Anyway, I just had a comment on that earlier entry asking me to post the project file and so I dug it up and collected the files for you to download. This project is based on my earlier Strange Planet series (Planet Earth, The Power of the Sun, Earth and Moon) but takes it another step further.  I also added some music that I put together with Digital Juice and edited with Soundbooth or Audition.  I’ve brought the original .wav file down to .mp3 so the download isn’t too crazy.  I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it.

Solar System


These videos are very exciting and useful tool for teaching. I found them quite helpful

[DR – Thank you. Glad yo enjoyed them.]

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