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AE tutorial: Destroyed in Detroit

Sometimes, things just work against you and I had one such experience last weekend.  I was visiting publisher and broadcaster Meredith in Des Moines and got stuck due to "mechanical failure" on multiple occasions. As a result, I got stuck in Detroit on Friday night.  So, what does a frustrated traveller who wants to get home to his family do?  He animates of course!

So, first off, hats off to the Detroit airport for having a truly innovative airport and to the Westin (my favorite hotel!) for making my lost weekend, slightly less depressing.  If you travel a lot and you see either location, you’ll immediately know what I mean.

So, in my frustration, I created the following 5 second animation.  You can download the project file and dissect it.  What it uses is 3D text animation (3d per character), the Wiggle function, shatter effects and a strobe effect on me.  The little sound effect at the end is pulled down from Resource Central in Soundbooth.  All in all, this stuff (like all my stuff) is pretty simple and not too creative.  Nevertheless, I hope that it will give you some insight and teach you some new things!  Now if we can only get the airlines to work consistently….

Destroyed by Detroit download

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