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Discovery Channel Brand ID Tutorial

Yesterday I posted a working animation of a new tutorial that I was working on.  Well another late night and early morning have brought it to conclusion.  Click on to get the PDF tutorial and project files for our Discovery Channel Brand ID!

This one started out as a continuation of my Strange Planet series which you can find here: Planet Earth, The Power of the Sun, Strange Planets revisited, Solar System. I got the idea of doing the clouds from watching Discovery Channel.  The more I noodled with the project, the more it looked like Discovery Channel, so I just gave in and recreated something similar to what their current look.

This tutorial definitely is a bit more advanced but beginners do not be afraid – it’s still easy!  That’s an oxymoron I know, but it is still true.

However, I have made some assumptions in how I wrote this tutorial. With this one, I was less likely to get into all of the fine details on exactly how to do everything.  I am assuming that you’re reasonably sure of figuring out certain basic things within After Effects.  This keeps the length of the tutorial to a moderate length (3 pages with graphics.)

This tutorial teaches you a bit about some Channel Effects, Null Objects and nesting compositions and how they can help you.  I like this tutorial because it takes a lot of different elements and puts them all together to create something compelling.

Discovery Channel Brand ID Tutorial

One last thing – if anyone can tell me how to make YouTube look less like SoCrude, I would greatly appreciate it! These animations look much better than what YouTube is showing!

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