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It’s official: Blu-ray is our HD shiny disc

We first heard rumblings from CES, then some of the big boys like Warner Bros, WalMart, NetFlix and others said they were choosing sides and then two days ago, we got the official announcement from Toshiba, “We’re done.”  So, HD-DVD rides off into the sunset and Blu-ray is our official HD format for next generation DVD.

I’m glad we picked the winning side for Encore because early on, we were getting the questions about supporting HD-DVD.  I’m glad its over fairly quickly as well because it is good news for consumers and for the industry.  Now instead of deciding whether to support HD-DVD, the Encore team can focus on some of the deeper user experience features that are posisble with Blu-ray.

What’s nice about Encore today is that to my knowledge, it is the only affordable solution to do Blu-ray DVDs on both Mac and PC solutions.  Throw in the fact that we can also take your content and throw it up on the web as a SWF file and you’ve got a very versatile solution.

I’m all about win-win situations and this one is perfect for both the industry and consumers.

Toshiba Press Release

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