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Will you be my AE Valentine?

I don’t need much of an excuse to put something up here, so voila! – a Valentines animation!

The animation continues on the idea of simple, though I do use some 3D layers, a camera and a light for this. Still, it is pretty basic and easy.  I created the heart in Photoshop and after bringing it into After Effects applied a few simple effects to create the look.

  • The background layer gets a CC tiler effect and then scaled up to provide the floor.
  • The heart gets a CC light sweep and then a bulge to make it beat with LOVE!
  • The text uses the Foggy text animation preset and then I throw some more blur on it for good measure

Valentines Project Download

Take a look at the project file and deconstruct. I apologize for not labeling and making everything just so, but there is no time these days…Oh, and less you think that I came up with this by my lonesome, visit Dean’s Motion Graphic Lab for a better version than I have time to create… A Better Valentine

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